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  • CORTIZO can count on, within its Department of Architecture and Engineering, a pioneering and unique area within the companies in the sector, that is designed exclusively for obtaining CE marking.



With this requirement from the European Commission in all windows and external pedestrian doors, light façades, solar protection louvres and building lattices, the CORTIZO professionals in the area of CE Marking offer all their support in this matter to installers of their products, advising them in all the related questions for obtaining this certifícate of conformity working hand in hand with them in order to guarantee the entire compliance of this regulation..



CORTIZO transfers to its clients all its tests, certifications and technical support for the CE Marking on all of its products:



  • CE Marking of windows and pedestrian doors (According to UNE EN 14351-1)

  • CE Marking of Light Façade (According to UNE EN 13830)

  • CE Marking of Louvres and Building Lattice (According to UNE EN 13659)




  • 4





E.I.T. (Initial type test)


 - Options


1. Manufacturer testing of its own window and door models.



2. In order to reduce costs, the manufacturers can associate themselves with other workshops, and one of them carries out the tests and spreads the costs and hands over to the others by way of test contracts.



3. Cascade tests. We have tests and certifications for all of our series to hand over to our clients.




C.P.F. (Factory Production Control)

The C.P.F. must be declared by the window manufacturer -> CORTIZO commits to helping its clients.










A pioneering Technological Centre in Europe for obtaining all obligatory tests and certifications for CE Marking.



1- AEV test benches that integrate the following test possibilities:


A- Air permeability

E- Water tightness

V- Wind resistance


All of these tests are obligatory in order to obtain the CE certification.



2- Thermal test benches, that measure window transmittance. This is not obligatory and computer simulation is valid, however it is a plus that we offer at the CORTIZO Technology Centre.



3- Accoustic test benches.  The DB- Noise protection came in to force on the 24th of April, 2009. As well as the test benches, a computer simulation is allowed up to certain window dimensions. CORTIZO offers this service to its clients.



4- Mechanical Test Benches. This serves to verify the workings of the hardware by way of simulating thousands of opening and closing cycles of a window. It is not obligatory for obtaining CE Marking however it confirms the quality, reliability and durability of the hardware.



5- Horizontal load resistance and impact test beds for light facades.

6- Wind loading resistance for solar protection louvres and building lattices


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